Star Trek: Prodigy Removed From Star Trek Hub Paramount+

They boldly went where they’d never gone before.

Frederik Verhagen
2 min readJun 28, 2023
#SaveStarTrekProdigy — Image © CBS Studios Inc and Viacom International Inc.

Over the summer of 2021, I heard about an upcoming Star Trek animated series aimed at a younger audience. Not only did it see the return of Janeway in holographic form, but it gave me and my then-4-year-old daughter something more on her level to bond over.

It was a success! Star Trek: Prodigy blew us away with its story and visuals, and we eagerly waited for the next episode to air a week later.

With season 2 nearing the end of production, Paramount+, home to almost all the Star Trek content, canceled several series — including Star Trek: Prodigy. And then they removed the show entirely. The reason: cutting costs. It’s always about the money…

It turned out that Prodigy wasn’t valuable enough to keep around, so they removed this young-mind-inspiring show. And fellow-show-producer Nickelodeon is not picking up on it either. Prodigy got orphaned.

It’s not the first time shows got removed from their streaming services; HBO Max, now Max, deleted amazing shows over similar reasons several months ago. This happened during a merger between “business daddy” Warner Bros. and Discovery+. Excellent, thought-provoking shows like Raised By Wolves and Westworld were deleted. Even…



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