Star Trek: Prodigy Removed From Star Trek Hub Paramount+

They boldly went where they’d never gone before.

Frederik Verhagen


#SaveStarTrekProdigy — Image © CBS Studios Inc and Viacom International Inc.

Over the summer of 2021, I heard about an upcoming Star Trek animated series aimed at a younger audience. Not only did it see the return of Janeway in holographic form, but it gave me and my then-4-year-old daughter something more on her level to bond over.

It was a success! Star Trek: Prodigy blew us away with its story and visuals, and we eagerly waited for the next episode to air a week later.

With season 2 nearing the end of production, Paramount+, home to almost all the Star Trek content, canceled several series — including Star Trek: Prodigy. And then they removed the show entirely. The reason: cutting costs. It’s always about the money…

It turned out that Prodigy wasn’t valuable enough to keep around, so they removed this young-mind-inspiring show. And fellow-show-producer Nickelodeon is not picking up on it either. Prodigy got orphaned.

It’s not the first time shows got removed from their streaming services; HBO Max, now Max, deleted amazing shows over similar reasons several months ago. This happened during a merger between “business daddy” Warner Bros. and Discovery+. Excellent, thought-provoking shows like Raised By Wolves and Westworld were deleted. Even one of the most interesting of Looney Tunes episodes disappeared without a trace. These fates were worse than your typical Netflix cancellation.

The same thing happened with Paramount+, even if it’s on a smaller scale for now; Paramount merged with Showtime on 27 June 2023.

The combined platforms will help these platforms cut down on content spending, a recent focus for media companies as they look to make streaming profitable.

They ditch “worthless” and fantastical shows to make room for “reality TV” and “documentaries” because those clearly rake in the money. It’s absurd but true.

My daughter was saddened by the loss of her favorite Star Trek show. Even I felt the loss of a series we could both geek about.

The hashtag #SaveStarTrekProdigy is going around on social media. We’ll see how things turn out. Some HBO shows found a new home on Roku. Wherever Star Trek: Prodigy ends up, we’ll find it. If there’s one thing Janeway does best, it’s finding a way home — my home — and our hearts.

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