Got Your Package On A Holiday?

The USPS works long and hard to deliver your Amazon purchases every day of the year.

Frederik Verhagen
3 min readJun 9, 2022
Photo by Victória Kubiaki on Unsplash

You are celebrating a federal holiday in your backyard. The doorbell rings as you flip your twelfth burger patty. You open the door and find a package on your porch. You’re happy that your Amazon order came in, but who delivered it? It wasn’t UPS and also not FedEx — it was the United States Postal Service. But it’s a federal holiday, and the USPS is not a retail business. Why do they deliver on federal holidays?

The USPS has delivered mail for decades. For the longest time, specific prioritized mail got delivered on holidays and Sundays, and some cities even included package deliveries on Sunday days due to high volume.

Changes Came

Things changed when Amazon decided their packages had to be delivered every day of the week. It started in two major cities, and the USPS’s contract with Amazon would last five years. Due to its success, Amazon now reaches clients all over the country every day of the year. The only day USPS does not deliver Amazon packages is on Christmas Day.

You might be wondering why the USPS doesn’t skip the holidays. For one, they are bound by a contract. The other reason is that if they were to ignore the holidays, they…



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