Explore Numenera With Audio Drama “A Ninth World Journal”

An interview with the creator of A Ninth World Journal.

Frederik Verhagen
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Cover art based on a concept from Monte Cook Games created by Ryan Chaddock and Katherine Gohring.

In January 2019, David S. Dear introduced the world to his audio drama podcast “A Ninth World Journal.” Set one billion years into the future, Januae, an Aeon Priest studying teleportation, finds himself jaunting uncontrollably. Every jaunt leads to strange and dangerous discoveries, showing him how little he knows of the Ninth World.

A Ninth World Journal

Inspired by the fantastical world of Numenera, a tabletop roleplaying game created by Monte Cook Games, David S. Dear created short stories in podcast format to explore the Ninth World through the uncontrolled jaunts of Januae.

With every jaunt, Januae needs to figure out how to survive — his jaunts can happen at any moment. Sometimes he teleports away to someplace new immediately, while at other times, he gets stuck in a bizarre situation for months. No matter when he jaunts, he has to start all over again with his prior experiences influencing his future decisions. In turn, his decisions slowly affect the world around him.

All the bite-sized episodes feature fantastical settings, great music, and a vivid narrative. David S. Dear’s background in theatre reflects how he presents his stories, keeping you engaged from beginning to end.


A Ninth World Journal is based on Numenera and takes place on Earth set a billion years into the future. Civilizations rose, evolved, and crumbled with barely a trace eight times throughout those millennia. With the Ninth World inheriting the Earth, its people struggle through an era of isolation in the shadow of past technologies called the Numenera. Those who can master the Numenera can unlock ancient powers and abilities and perhaps aid their struggling world.

If you’ve never heard of Numenera, A Ninth World Journal makes for a perfect introduction to its vast, fascinating, and unique settings. It’s unlike any tabletop roleplaying game you’ve ever heard of — or even played.

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