Dice Tower Theatre: Dawn of Dragons

Interview with writer, narrator, and producer Mike Atchley.

Frederik Verhagen
7 min readMay 26
Artwork Illustrated by Littlebird for Dice Tower Theatre.

When I began my era of listening to podcasts while working, I had never thought Dice Tower Theatre: Dawn of Dragons would hook me the way it did. This award-winning audio fiction’s captivating storytelling and fantastic sound design haul you away to a world of magic and dragons.

Mike Atchley (writer, narrator, and producer) retells the adventures of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign he led for his friends as a Dungeon Master. He kept track of their sessions through notes the players left unread. Using his background in audio, he narrated his notes into a recording and added some sound effects for fun. Little did he know this led to a full-fledged podcast. And, yes, his friends listened to the notes — they loved it!

As Dawn of Dragons rose in popularity, other creators and talents within the podcasting community — like the Podcasting Network Discord Server (former CastJunkie Server) — offered their voices to give life to non-player characters, enriching an already tremendous experience. With the community's growth, Dice Tower Theatre joined forces with other podcasts under the name “Good Ham Productions.”

Through Mike’s majestic narrative and talented cast, we learn of several young heroes — raised by former knights in hiding and bonded by magic and swordsmanship — who discovered the truth behind dragons’ magic. Together, they set out to find those who stole this magic before the Dark Army destroys the world.

With season 5 well underway, their adventures can be heard on most podcast platforms. As of last year, they can also be enjoyed as subtitled videos on YouTube.

Let Mike Atchley’s deep, booming voice whisk you away to the awe-inspiring world of knights, magic, inclusivity, and, of course, dragons.

The Interview

How did fans react to meeting the dragons in season 4?

“When the good dragons showed up there was an outpouring of really excited comments. Things like “I felt chills” or “it gave me goosebumps” were some of the particular ones that came to mind. I remember even myself in…



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