Being A Star Trek and Star Wars Fan

Self-reflection while celebrating Star Trek Day.

Frederik Verhagen


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Growing up in the nineties, I was brought up with both Star Trek and Star Wars on our television every time it would come on. I enjoyed both universes for different reasons, but most of all, they made me believe humanity could one day explore the boundaries of space.

But if somebody were to ask me whether I’m a Trekkie or a Star Wars fan, I would reply with “both” and follow that up with an explanation.

In A Decade Long, Long Ago…

My interest in science fiction began during the 1990s. My parents(mostly my mother) always watched Star Trek: The Next Generation on cable television, and I sometimes joined her. I found it tough to get into because it felt like “Love Boat in Space with Science and Aliens” at the time. Then Star Trek: Voyager was syndicated on our local public television channel with more emphasis on science and exploration, and it beamed me aboard the fandom.

A few years later, we purchased the Special Edition VHS box set of the Star Wars trilogy. I can’t count all the times I locked myself in their bedroom and watched episodes 4 through 6 on the weekend.

Image by La Cueva Del Guampa.

As I got into the original trilogy, I learned that my mother had worked at the cinema when Star Wars (later renamed Star Wars: A New Hope) premiered in 1977. I was short for a stormtrooper but searched my feelings to confirm that I knew my affection for Star Wars to be true.

Interconnective Global Circuitry

I didn’t share my fondness for Star Trek and Star Wars with other kids in the neighborhood (we had a shared interest in the Power Rangers, though) and was limited to the exposure provided by network television. That all changed with the internet.

I’ve learned about conventions, cosplay, fan groups, fan dedication, and more through the world wide web. It felt great to be part of a worldwide community of fans, though it also felt bizarre at times.

To Boldly Go, And Then Some



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