3rd Anniversary Interview With Podcast Top of the Round

It still blows minds after 145 episodes!

Screenshot of the Top of the Round website, featuring a handwritten title that says “Top of the Round” with the subtitle “an improv audio adventure.” Below the title is the artwork of Book 3, featuring two drow elves, one half-elf, and a god-like being.
The website of Top of the Round. Artwork in the author’s screenshot by Grant Baumgartner.

Did you ever wonder what would happen when a naive druid, a mysterious drow elf, and an orphaned monk end up delivering letters for a Goddess?

Three years ago today, people tuned in to listen to episode 0 of Top of the Round, where the…



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Frederik Verhagen

Frederik Verhagen


Stay-at-home father and dork who writes about creativity, science fiction, and little discoveries in life. 🔗 bumblebearcreations.carrd.co